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Fucked By My Neighbour

363x242_2I turned around, arched my back, and somewhat wiggled my arse. I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to fuck me hard like the cockslut I am. He spat into my hole for extra lubrication and slowly slid the first few inches of his cock into my arsehole, making me moan and shake with pleasure.’Oh, fuck, Tommy,’ I cried – just like the whore I am. He thrusted slowly at first, picking up speed and fucking me harder than before.

It wasn’t long before I came the hardest I’ve ever came in my life, drenching the spot underneath me with my cum. ‘Clean that hot mess up, son,’ said Tommy. Moaning into the mattress, I licked up my warm cum whileTommy rode my arse harder and faster. Before long, he eventually shot his thick, hot load into my arsehole, grunting and moaning – all the while calling me a whore and his ‘little bitch’. He pulled out and waved his still hard cock in front of my face, which I happily cleaned with my mouth.

Slut Wife Tina Fucks Strangers in Parking Lot

I was down at the mall checking out the guys thinking as they walked by just how big his cock is and getting horny and wet, and thinking how to take care of the problem. So I went out to my car and stood in front of with the hood open as to have it look like it quit running, and was waiting for help to come. I was wearing a long top that was low very low cut and no bra. I was bent over so guys could see down to my tits or maybe even a girl if one stopped I think at the time some pussy would have even done.

Here is what happened I went to the parking lot in a shopping center. I picked a spot to park and opened the hood. I have jean shorts on and a button down blouse with the buttons open to just below my boobs, but when I was standing the top laid so you couldn’t see anything. A few people asked if I needed help, but they weren’t right. I just told them, No that’s ok. Then five guys in their mid-twenty’s pulled up and went into the Blockbuster. They looked but didn’t say anything. When they came out I looked at them with a sad face. They asked if I was having trouble. I told them my car keeps dying. I bend over, reach in and shake a wire in the back. I’m in front they are on the sides. My blouse falls open and I know they can see my tits. Now they look and don’t see anything wrong obviously. They said start it up let’s see I get in and it starts right up. So I tell them it’s just going to die in a minute.

My mind is working overtime now. What do I say next? So I asked could you just follow me to the end of the parking lot to make sure it doesn’t die again I hate to be stuck here all alone. Then I had a thought could one of you drive my car and you other guys follow us? Maybe then if it dies you might know what the problem is. I had these guys right where I wanted them. The one guy drives, and I’m in the passenger seat. It was a warm night and I usually carry a water bottle with me. We are driving thru the lot and I pick up my water bottle to take a sip when he drives over one of those speed bumps and I spill a little. I look down at my white blouse and there is this little transparent spot where the water landed. He didn’t notice and I didn’t say anything. Then I had another idea. I waited for the next speed bump and put the bottle to my mouth. When he hit it I spilled a bunch of water on my blouse right on my boobs. I said, shit! He says what? And I show him my blouse. You could see my nipples clearly right thru the white material as it laid against my boobs. He says, hey, that’s a good look, and we laugh. It was time to turn up the heat so I said maybe I should even it out, and I dripped some water on the front of my shorts.70

We get to the end of the lot. I ask him if we could just circle the stores once, because I know it is going to die. It’s not a very big shopping center. We get to the back of the shopping center where it is just for deliveries and parking for employees. I say, that’s alright, you have been so sweet, I think it will get me home, and motion for him to pull into a spot. We pull in. I ask him to pop the hood. I get out and open the hood to take one more look. By now his buddies had pulled up next to us got out and walked up. I was standing there and he started to ask, is everything…. and stopped mid-sentence when he saw my blouse. The material was sticking to my chest and my nipple was showing thru. He asks, what happened? His friend answers, she spilled her water. He didn’t say anything. So I pointed my chest at him to give him a better look. I might as well been topless. Then I pinched the material and pulled it away almost completely exposing my tits, and kind of flapped it, like I was trying to dry it. I bent over one more time, looking at the motor with my blouse wide open. And I guess that was too much for the one guy. He reached over and cupped my tit. I raised and turned toward him. Now he had both hands in my blouse playing with my tits.

4 Best webcams for webcam models

I recently got a question from a reader and beginning Camgirl that wanted me to get to some of the fundamental topics of being a profitable webcam model. Of course, I knew that I had been blowing off certain article topics MAINLY because I was wanting to educate my fellow Camgirls on the psychological side of rearing your naked body in front of all to see-which can be a daunting task when you consider some of the weirdo’s out there that we have to deal with. Geesh!

With this being said though, one of my biggest tips for making more money online is to have a high-quality show and this can be greatly improved with a really good webcam, since this is the portal that makes us girls so much money. It would make sense NOT to skimp here, lest our shows be blurry with crappy sound and streaming issues, which can SERIOUSLY happen with a cheap webcam. Granted, some girls do just fine with a cheaper webcam while others seem to have nightmarish issues.catchy-anal-4

When in doubt, spend a bit more money for a high quality webcam. Luckily, in this day-and-age of technological improvement it seems like webcams and personal computers are getting more affordable.

Without further adieu, the following are the Top 4 Best Webcams for Webcam Models to improve the quality of your shows and increase your paychecks!

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam
The video quality and sound seem to do really well on Microsoft’s attempt at entering the webcam world. In a recent, unofficial poll I conducted with some of my girlfriends that also do webcam modeling, several of them enjoyed using this surveillance-looking webcam because of its high-quality video feed and clear sound. Of course, this webcam works seamlessly with instant-messengers and Skype, which is great for the independent Camgirls and anyone that simply want to have a better chat with their mum or Bff! The software can be challenging, but overall, I give this an A- grade for this particular webcam. For roughly $50 or so, you can get one of Bill Gate’s latest contributions to the tech world. Enjoy!